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Organic Wool Duvet - King size (two weights available)

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Organic Wool Duvet  -  King size (two weights available)

Adults benefit from sleeping with natural fibres just as children do!

Wool bedding has been proven to provide a super sleep environment for its ability help with thermoregulation, repel dust mites and draw moisture away.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, wool is warm in winter and cool in the summer - such is the magic of natural fibres and why sheep are able to survive in all weathers.

Those who may be suffering from night sweats due to hormonal fluctuations - or simply because they're using a non-breathable synthetic option - are likely to benefit from switching to wool. And asthma suffers will almost certainly be better off with wool than with feathers (which are an irritant to many and often harvested with stress and pain to the bird).

The wool used in these duvets is organic, as is the cotton (which is certified by GOTS). So not only can you be sure there are no toxins in your product, you can also be assured than the welfare standards of the sheep are high.


225 x 220cm (UK Standard King Size) 89 x 87 inches

Care instructions

There is no need to wash you duvet before you use it - there are no chemicals and nothing in it that needs to be removed via washing.

Use with cotton or linen duvet cover (polyester will distort the duvet's exceptional performance).

Should you experience a spill on your duvet which requires washing, you may machine wash. 

  • delicate/ handwash cycle
  • use a mild wool detergent and no fabric softener
  • no warmer than 30 degrees
  • remove promptly from machine
  • air dry
  • if you have a dryer you may want to put in on the NO HEAT setting for a few minutes once dry.

Options available

Available in 2 weights - we recommend the warmer option if your house stays cold overnight in the winter.

Other sizes available and co-ordinating mattress toppers & pillows.