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Organic Cotton Single Pillow (with wool fill) - GOTS certified

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Organic Cotton Single Pillow (with wool fill) - GOTS certified

Healthy, non-toxic pillow filled with GOTS certified organic wool, which is accessible through a zip on the inner pillow so you can adjust it to the perfect fill for your little one (or you). You will also receive a free quilted organic cotton pillowcase protector, which is also has a zip that allows access to the inner pillow, and also for the protector to be washed.

  • Fully certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
  • 74x48cmcm (standard UK pillow)
  • no flame retardant chemicals used
  • organic wool fill stored in an inner pillow accessed via a zip
  • removable quilted organic cotton outer (natural)
  • quilted cotton outer washable up to 30 degrees 
  • Exclusive to Fox | Ethically made in the EU
  • remove fill to adjust to your little one's preferences.

You can store any excess wool in a spare pillow case and top up your pillow as your child grows, or if your filling compacts. 

Lovely healthy alternative to feather pillows, especially for children with allergies, without the high chemical load of synthetic pillows. Please be aware that one of our organic bedding is treated with flame retardants of any kind due to the association with adverse effects to human health of those chemicals. You should therefore, naturally keep it away from fire.

Just a reminder, that pillows should not be used with babies and this pillow is recommended for use with an organic cotton pillowcase for ages 2 and up.