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Alpaca wool and organic cotton standard pillow (75x50cm) - soft

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Alpaca wool and organic cotton standard pillow (75x50cm) - soft

Alpaca is arguably the best option for your little one from an allergen perspective. Our alpaca wool comes from UK raised alpacas, but their wool is exceptional due to the high, cold desert they have evolved to cope in. The key benefits are associated with a low micron count, high density and soft feel. Alpaca fibre has only 10 scales per micron and they are tight against the shaft of the fibre. This makes it a 'slippy fibre', which wears exceptionally well and is therefore less likely to harbour dust particles and mites - major sources of allergens.

Our alpaca wool is from animals living in Yorkshire, where the wool is hand graded and sorted and made into pillows encased in natural GOTS certified organic cotton - therefore our finished pillows are not only a healthy option for the child who sleeps on them, but rate very well in terms of their low carbon footprint.

You should use your pillow with a pillowcase, an ideally and organic cotton mattress protector - this should catch most accidental spills and so you should not need to launder your pillow. 

If you do need to launder it (if it is subject to a spill) the recommendation is for dryclean only. We do not recommend dry cleaning, however due to the chemicals used. With good care, your little one's pillow should last around two years - which offers an exceptional cost per use :-) When it arrives it will seem rather lofty, but it will compact nicely with regular use.

Do get in touch if you'd like any advice about your choice of pillow; we want the best for your little one.

Dimensions: 50x75cm (standard British pillow size). Cot bed size also available. If you need a specialist size, we can probably help too (use the contact form to email us your requirements).