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About the Fox

Quick Brown Fox of Dulwich, in a sweet corner of South East London, where many a wonderful time was had by all. Initially, we made our wares from designer textiles imported from the USA, and then moved on to designing and making an 'end-to-end' product. In 2014, we shifted to collections made exclusively from organic cotton, and rebranded to reflect this. 

Our original tagline was 'babies bedding with a touch of mischief', and although the brand has evolved over the years, we've never strayed from that (helps that the owner has a pathological aversion to growing up!)

We like to deal directly with our customers, so the vast majority of our business is direct. We're small - and we like to think - perfectly formed (although we would like to keep growing, so please tell your friends about us!)

Thanks for visiting our site. We welcome all feedback, so please use our 'Get in Touch' page if you have thoughts that need sharing, or questions that need answering!

The Fox 



About our designer – Niki Wolfe

I was born in South East London and still live there now. I’ve always been interested in the creative side of life, my parents were a great influence, music and art was always in the house, we even visited the Salvador Dali gallery in Florida when I was ten (along with a trip to Disney Land). I was quite obsessed with making minature paper creations as a kid, the smaller the better, even making tiny little illustrated magazines. I almost went down the route of music on leaving school after being accepted at the Brit School (I play the drums), however I took a job as runner at a graphics studio in Soho thinking it would be a summer job before studying music, lucky for me the designers in the studio were very patient and explained everything they were doing, and how to use a ‘Apple Macintosh’. That was the turning point for me, it took me 7 years to work my way up the ladder, from runner to Mac Operator, to artworker, to designer, to where I am now, owner and creative director of my own Design & Marketing studio, with my wife (who I met at an ad agency along the way). And now, we are preparing for the next step, parenthood, but we never do things by half, so we are expecting twins!

I was first introduced to Heather when she was just starting what was then called ‘Quick Brown Fox of Dulwich’. I was just starting to take on freelance work outside of my day job and working with Heather was like a dream. We clicked right from the off and cracked the logo very quickly. It was such a relief to work with someone who knows what they want but gives you all the space you need to be creative and experiment. It gave me the hope I needed to leave my job to start my own company. Since the design of the logo things have moved on quite a bit and I have now worked with Heather on designing several ranges and illustrations, a brilliant opportunity for any graphic designer.